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Born and raised in Northern Colorado, Chris Jones has deep ties and a vested interest in the region. Chris is involved in every step of the project, from estimating and design to project management and supervision. He brings creativity, flexibility, attention to detail and a firm grasp on the economics of construction to every project. As President & General Manager, he truly is the backbone of Synergy Construction Management.

Chris’ building philosophy is not solely based on production. He believes in individual customization of a structure, where the client and the budget are the two most important variables. In his words, “The project is not just about sticks and bricks, a start date and a finish date. It is about forging relationships, becoming part of the family, and creating a lifelong bond and friendship with the client, with a finished product that is unique and special.”

Chris has worked in various phases of construction for over 25 years. He holds a BA degree in Business Economics from the University of San Diego, where he graduated with honors. He currently resides in northwest Fort Collins with his wife Kara and their two children.

CCO (Chief Canine Officer)


Introducing Bradford, who took over duties with the unexpected passing of his predecessor and our third CCO, Dingo, in September of 2022.  The good people at New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue in Denver happened to be hosting an adoption event about a week after Dingo was put to rest, which we attended and left with a new CCO in training.  He is quickly becoming a top notch construction dog.

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